Non Contact Thermometer

The Non Contact Infrared 2 in 1 Dual Mode Thermometer
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ANKOVO Forehead Thermometer This latest Ankovo forehead thermometer is more accurate and convenient by German infrared temperature sensor. Light spot positioning will make safe and hygienic measurement of temperature. Large LCD displays help you get temperature at night. It is a must-have tool for every home. WHY THIS THERMOMETER IS BEST CHOOSE: Non-contact infrared measurement. Clinical accuracy measurement. One-button operation. Light spot positioning. German infrared temperature sensor. Large LCD display. Object & room measurement. Mute Function for Baby The baby thermometer has a mute function and backlight, which can measure the temperature of the sleeping baby at night without waking your baby. For Adults Forehead The forehead thermometer can measure temperature in 1 second. It's great choices for family, restaurant and shopping center. Professional Level Non-contact forehead measurement and accurate measurement readings make the forehead thermometer hygienic and reliable. Switch ℃ and ℉ The thermometer gun can easily switch modes...

Forehead Thermometer for Adults, The Non Contact Infrared Baby Thermometer for Fever, Body Thermometer and Surface Thermometer 2 in 1 Dual Mode Medical Thermometer
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More Functions of Forehead Thermometer HD LCD Screen Non Contact Measuring One Second Reading Body and Surface and Room Mode 50 Record Storage ℃/℉ Conversion Fever Alarm Voice On/Off ℃/℉ Conversion 1. Press and hold the "SET" button for 3 seconds. 2. When the ℃/℉ icon starts flashing, press MEMO or MODE Intelligent Fever Warning The thermometer will change color depend on readings. 95.5-99.1℉:Green 99.2-100.5℉:Orange 100.6-109.2℉: Red 3 Mode Measure Applications This forehead thermometer can test body temperature, kids' hot milk(ther scald can be avoided), food(undercooked food is unacceptable) and room(Pefect for travelling). HD Screen + One-button Mute When you don't want to wake your baby, the mute function makes everything quiet, the HD LCD screen makes you to read clearly, and one-click measurement is convenient and fast. The Non Contact Thermometer The non-contact thermometer takes only one second to measure body temperature and can be measured at a distance...

Non Contact Digital Thermometer, LCD Screen and Temperature Data Memory
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The Reason Choose Digital Thermometer This Digital Infrared Thermometer for adults have high precision sensor, accurate infrared temperature measuring element, which can measures the human body or an object temperature based on the infrared energy emitted by the forehead or an object (such as milk and water). So you have no touch with others when measuring temperature while ensuring accurate measurement results. Over Eight Functions 1s measurement Silent Mode ℃/℉ Conversion 50 Record Storage Non Contact Measuring High temperature alarm Body and Subject Mode HD LCD Screen Silent Mode In the boot state, press the "SET" button to turn on the silent mode. No annoying beeps that may wake up the child. HD Screen The large LCD high-definition screen allows clear readings at night. 1s Measurement Compared with standard mercury thermometer, this digital thermometer can get accurate readings in 1s with just click the button. Upgrade Technology Body thermometer built-in...