LPOW Series Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Pulse Rate, Heart Rate Monitor and SpO2 Levels with LED Screen Display Batteries and Lanyard Included
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LPOW Finger Pulse Oximeter reads accurate oxygen saturation ,pulse rate and perfusion index .It is perfect for sports activities,mountain climbing, and those who need to monitor their blood oxygen circulation and heart rate. Note:This device is for sports and aviation use only. HOW TO USE LPOW PULSE OXIMETER? 1.Remove the battery cover, and insert the two AAA batteries following polarity marking indicates inside of the battery compartment, then reposition the cover. 2.Slide your finger into the opening probe of the device, until the fingertip touches the built-in stop guide.For best results, make sure the finger is centered within the finger guide. 3.Press the button to activate the oximeter from sleep mode, and then measurement interface will appear in 3 seconds. 4.The measurement result will be read directly from the screen within 8 seconds. 5.The oximeter will turn into sleep mode automatically within 10 seconds after the finger left the probe. Quick...

Oxygen Monitor Portable Digital Reading LED Display with 2 Batteries and Lanyard
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LPOW Fingertip Pulse Oximeter With Sound Reminder Function This Pulse Oximeter can be used to measure accurately human Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) and Pulse Rate(PR) through finger.And there have Sound reminder function when readings show. Suitable for exercise enthusiasts like mountain climbers,bikers,skiers, aviators, or anyone is interested in measuring their Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) and Pulse Rate(PR).This device is for Sports & Aviation use only. SpO2 Range: 0% - 100% Pulse Rate Range: 30-250 bpm Relative Humidity:15%-93% non-condensing Air Pressure:70Kpa-106Kpa Operating Attitude:0-2000m Quick Overview of the Pulse Oximeter Based on all digital technology. Advanced DSP algorithm an minimize the influence of motion artifact and improve measurement accuracy of low perfusion. Weight: 52g (batteries included) Power Requirements: 2×AAA 1.5V alkaline battery Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can i turn the volume off if we dont like the beeping? A: The pulse oximeter can turn the volume off if you dont like the beeping,...