Oral Thermometer

Digital Thermometer for Fever, Medical Thermometer for Oral, Underarm and Rectal, Basal Body Thermometer with High Accuracy, Switchable and Fever Indicator
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High Precision: The thermometer adopts the high precision probe of temperature sensitive element, and after extensive clinical verification, the temperature can be accurately measured within a few seconds through different algorithms, with the accuracy within 0.2. Wide Range Of Use:  The optimized algorithm enables the thermometer to measure oral, underarm, rectal. It is suitable for all ages, adults, babies, new born. It can be used indoors and outdoors. Easy Conversion of: When it's turned off, press and hold the ON / OFF button until alternately appears, and release as soon as  appears, so that  mode can be used. Memory Function&Fever Indication: The temperature measured last time before measurement will display "m" mark in the right corner to help you easily track your temperature. 10 long beeps will be emitted within 10 seconds to remind the measurement is completed. You will get: 1*Thermometer, 1*Packing box, LR41 or SR41 Batteries,User Manual and...

Accurate Fast Temperature Reading Body Thermometer for Oral, Armpit or Rectal Temperature
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LPOW thermometer comes with a cover to keep the thermometer away from pollution, you can put it in a shoulder bag or trouser pocket and carry it with you.So you can confirm that you are healthy at any time. How to take your temperature by use the degital thermometer? 1. Press ON/OFF button to activate. The unit would beep and LCD display test will go on for around 2 seconds. 2. Then, the temperature taken last time would be displayed with a “M” mark in the right corner. 3. Then, 98.6˚F will appear. 4. When Lo and flashing ˚F displays, the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring. But if the room temperature is higher than 89.6˚F, the room temperature would be displayed instead of Lo. 5. The beep will sound when temperature measuring is complete. 6. Press ON/OFF button to turn off the unit. (The unit will automatically power off...