4 Pack Body Scrubber for Men and Women, Mesh Back Wash Skin Care Luffa
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Natural Loofah Sponge Bamboo charcoal can deeply clean, activate and balance the PH of the skin, bring you perfect shower experience. Premium Quality Loofah body scrubber being made of high quality bamboo charcoal, making every bath sponge core extremely firm and durable. They will not easily loose or fall apart. Double color Rich bubble ℃/℉ Conversion Novel design Easy to storage Convenient and practical Shower loofah You can use it when you are shower or bath, it will make the blood vessels to properly circulate the blood. You can observe this when you see that you skin turns into slightly red once you scrub it on your skin. Bath loofah sponges Our mesh loofah provides plenty of exfoliating power when used to scrub in your body. Furthermore, only a little effort is required to create a rich lather from any shower gel or soap. Perfect for shower use. 4 luffa...

Accurate Fast Temperature Reading Body Thermometer for Oral, Armpit or Rectal Temperature
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LPOW thermometer comes with a cover to keep the thermometer away from pollution, you can put it in a shoulder bag or trouser pocket and carry it with you.So you can confirm that you are healthy at any time. How to take your temperature by use the degital thermometer? 1. Press ON/OFF button to activate. The unit would beep and LCD display test will go on for around 2 seconds. 2. Then, the temperature taken last time would be displayed with a “M” mark in the right corner. 3. Then, 98.6˚F will appear. 4. When Lo and flashing ˚F displays, the thermometer is ready for temperature measuring. But if the room temperature is higher than 89.6˚F, the room temperature would be displayed instead of Lo. 5. The beep will sound when temperature measuring is complete. 6. Press ON/OFF button to turn off the unit. (The unit will automatically power off...

ANKOVO Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, Diabetes Testing Kit with Blood Glucose Meter, 100 Blood Test Strips, 100 Counts 30 Gauge Lancets and Carrying Case, Control Solution, Lancing Device, No Coding
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Blood Glucose Monitor Kit with Test Strips and Lancets for Happy Mother's Day ANKOVO Blood Sugar Test Kit ANKOVO Blood Sugar Test Kit ANKOVO blood glucose test kit monitored the blood sugar of hundreds of people, and each person performed multiple tests, and obtained nearly 1,000 test results in total. Measurement results are more reliable and accurate. Tips: Normal plasma glucose range for people without diabetes: < 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L)~Fasting and before meal < 140 mg/dL (7.8 mmol/L)~2 hours after meals (Source: American Diabetes Association.) No Coding And Ketone Warning 450 Memory Recall 0.5μl Blood Sample 5 Seconds Fast Reading 4 Modes And 4 Reminder Alarms 7/14/21/28/60/90 Day Average Results blood sugar monitor kit ANKOVO products involve family medical care. It is our attitude to provide high-quality products and loyal services. The glucometer kit with strips and lancets includes 1 Blood Sugar Monitor 100 Lancets(30G) 100 Test Strips 1...

ANKOVO Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Pulse Rate, Heart Rate Monitor
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ANKOVO Finger Pulse Oximeter reads accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate, It is ideal for use during sports activities, mountain climbing and piloting airplanes. Please note that It's not a medical device.It's only for sports and aviation use. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: How is the quality of this fingertip pulse oximeter? A: Perfect! ANKOVO ensure that the product is of high quality, and we have perfect after-sales service. Q: What is the normal blood oxygen level? A: The normal blood oxygen saturation of the human body is above 95%. The higher the oxygen content in the blood, the better the human metabolism. Of course, high blood oxygen content is not a good phenomenon. The blood oxygen in the human body has a certain degree of saturation. Too low will cause insufficient oxygen supply to the body, and too high will cause aging of cells in the body. Q: Is it...

ANKOVO Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Machine with Adjustable Cuff and Large Screen Blood Pressure Kit for Home Use
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Easy Blood Pressure Monitoring Ankovo blood pressure monitor will allow you to detect your own blood pressure changes anytime and give you accurate blood pressure readings from the comfort of your home. This makes life easier for people who need to keep their BP checked regularly. Detect irregular heartbeats: Flickering heart icon on the screen, while your blood pressure is being measured. Irregular Heartbeat Detector provide additional insight into your vascular health. Specification: Measuring range: Pressure: 30~280 mmHg; Pulse: 40~199 Beat/min Accuracy: Static Pressure: ±3mmHg; Pulse: ±5% of reading Memory function: 90 sets memory of measurement values Symbol: Memory/Heartbeat/Low Battery Cuff size: 8.7"-12.6" (22-33 cm) 【One touch operation】Just a simple press the start, sit still, then comes out the data you want, quite easy and simple to use. 【90 Memory Readings】Monitor your loved one's health by saving up to 90 readings. All readings comes with Date and Time Stamp which...

ANKOVO Natural Smooth Silk Eye Mask with Adjustable Strap for Sleep
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Super-smooth sleep mask-super soft feeling and super close skin eye mask.blocking all the light, easily farewell noise annoyance. Adjustable head strap - elastic design can be adjusted effectively relieve pressure.That comfortably fits around the back of the head to hold the mask in place. Super lightweight silky soft sleep mask make you enjoy a comfortable, undisturbed sleep anytime and anywhere.You could hardly feel that you were wearing anything when you went to sleep. A unique valentine's gift for anyone who wanting comfortable and uninterrupted sleep.Your parents, your children, your husband&wife and your friends. We believe they'll actually use and cherish them. Relax in darkness-perfect for meditation - try meditating with our mask any time of the day or night - ideal for travel, afternoon naps or when your partner watches TV late at night.  More Please let us give you a comfortable and quiet sleep natural silk eyeshade double-sided silky...

Ankovo Portable Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor for Pulse Rate and SpO2 Level
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Ankovo finger pulse oximeter can be used to measure your blood oxygen saturation (in % SpO2) and your pulse rate. It should be used for spot monitoring only and not for continuous monitoring. Fast measurement & results: The results will come out in 5-10 seconds after you clip it on your finger. Easy to use and read: Large LED screen display with only one button operation. Accurate results : ANKOVO pulse oxygen saturation monitor can accurately determines your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels) within +/- 2% deviation. Hypoallergenic : Constructed with a high quality medical grade silicone finger chamber that is hypoallergenic and latex free. Wide application: It's a great tool for athletes, pilots, pregnant woman, children, seniors and adventurers. Understanding your measurements will be a big step towards reaching your fitness goals. Note: Finger pulse oximeter is only for sports and aviation use. It is ideal for use during...

Ankovo pro Infrared Electronic Clinical Thermometer Medical Precision Temperature Measurement Household Children Baby Adult Ear Thermometer
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Brand:Ankovo proListing Date: 2021.2.14Integrated temperature probe for accurate measurement.One-key temperature measurement, simple and convenient.No need to wait, continuous temperature measurement.

ANKOVO Thermometer for Fever Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Baby, Kids and Adults with Fever Indicator
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DUAL MODE: Forehead Thermometer (suitable for all ages) and Ear Thermometer function ( only for the child above 3 months) - the easiest and most practical way to take a temperature. SAFE AND HYGIENIC: Compared to mercury thermometer, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing mercury. It is totally safe for children to use. RELIABLE AND ACCURATE: A maximum of 20 previous readings is available to help you track the changes of your body temperature. Delivers temperature readings with Unfailing Accuracy and very fast. QUICK AND EASY: With just 2 buttons, Head and Ear, this electronic thermometer is very easy to use. The thermometer reads within 1 second and a loud enough beep will notify you it is done. FEVER WARNING: When the reading exceeds 37.5℃/99.5℉, this product shall warn the user that he/she may have a fever by 7 rapid and short rings with LCD flicker.(For...

Baby Thermometer- Medical Digital Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer for Fever, Clinically Approved Temporal Thermometer (Thermometro Digital) - Suitable for Babies and Adults
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【ACCURATE AND FAST】- This digital infrared thermometer is equipped with an exceptional microchip and a high sensitivity sensor. An infrared sensor can precisely detect the infrared heat of the forehead or ear and quickly to get the reading in 1 second that ensure the excellent performance of the medical thermometer. 【MULTIPLE MEASUREMENT MODES】- ANKOVO baby thermometer for fever can measure baby temperature in-ear and forehead mode. Forehead & ear thermometer for fever suitable for all ages, infants, kids, adults, and the elderly.  【INTELLIGENT FEVER WARNING】- When the temperature exceeds 99.5℉/37.5℃, this kids thermometer will warn the user may have a fever. The signal is seven rapid and short rings with LCD flicker. Notice of your temperature can urge you to take corresponding actions. 【SAFE AND HYGIENIC】 - It's consist of ABS plastics totally safe to use, compared to mercury thermometer, there is no danger of breaking the glass or swallowing...

Blood Glucose Monitor Kit, ANKOVO Diabetes Testing Kit with Blood Glucose Meter, Lancing Device, Control Solution, 100 Blood Test Strips, 100 Counts 30 Gauge Lancets and Carrying Case, No Coding
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【HIGHLY ACCURATE RELIABILITY】- Diabetes monitor is produced by industry-leading factories with German chips. The blood glucose monitor has been studied on hundreds of people, and thousands of test results have been obtained. The coefficient of variation (%) of intermediate accuracy and repeat accuracy are both less than 5%. 【CONSIDERATE DESIGN】- Memory storage capable of saving up to 450 readings, while also keeping a continuous 14/21/28/60/90-day average. It will help you track and manage your blood glucose; 4 modes: pre meal, post meal, any time of the day and testing; 4 reminder alarms throughout one day, it can monitor in an all-round way. 【FAST and NO CODING】-Insert Glucometer Strips, blood glucose meter automatic recognition, no need to manually adjust code; Test Strips just need collect 0.5 μl Blood Sample, you will get the results within 5s; Auto switch-off after 3 minutes without action; When blood glucose level has exceeded 240mg/dL (13.3mmol/L)...