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Wheat Straws-100 All-Natural Eco-Planets Biodegradable Wheat Drinking Straws

Model: MG001


There's nothing unnatural about us; Wheat drinking straws help save the planet one sip at a time; make a real-time sustainable impact on the environment right from home or in your restaurant. Biodegradable Wheat Straws: Made from all natural plant stems, wheat to be exact, these disposable, eco-friendly straws biodegrade in the compost, causing less harm to the environment and wildlife. Each package comes with 100 non-polluting, compostable, eco friendly straws, making it great for every day use, hosting parties or in restaurants.

  • NATURAL STRAWS: These natural, eco-friendly straws are made from wheat. They are tasteless and have a light, sweet aroma, so you can enjoy a scented biodegradable straw without changing the flavor of your beverage. They come in a variety of sizes, including wide for specialty drinks and boba tea. Plus, they never get soggy!
  • BIODEGRADABLE & COMPOSTABLE STRAWS: These are compost-friendly, biodegradable straws. Toss them in your garden or compost bin after use! Our wheat straws are a wonderful alternative to plastic because they are safe for the earth. Also, unlike plastic drinking straws, our eco-friendly straws contain absolutely no chemicals or toxic materials.
  • LONG-LASTING & FUN: Paper straws often become soggy and begin breaking down while you are using them, leaving paper bits in your drink. They also sometimes have a strange taste. Our wheat straws are durable and can be used multiple times a day in any beverage. They are speckled light brown and are washable for reuse within one day.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Our world-class team is passionate about sustainability and quality. We are proud to have strict manufacturing, quality-assurance, and quality-control standards in place for our trusted, exceptional products. Our products are so easy to switch to and so high-quality that you may not notice the difference between them and traditional plastic products.
  • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS: We want to build a sustainable future. All of our products maximize existing natural resources and by-products to min


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Wheat Straws-100 All-Natural Eco-Planets Biodegradable Wheat Drinking Straws

Wheat Straws-100 All-Natural Eco-Planets Biodegradable Wheat Drinking Straws