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Infrared Thermometer for Adults with LCD Screen, Memory Recall, Fever Alarm for Adults, Kids and Babies
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ANKOVO digital infrared thermometer take temperature less than 1 second, build in ambient temperature compensation sensor, and a precision microprocessor. After thousands of clinical repeated tests, the measurement results are accurate ±0.2℃/±0.4℉.This forehead thermometer features a fever alarm and memory function that make it a very handy tool. 1.Head: start detection of forehead temperature 2.Ear: start detection of eardrum temperature 3.Sensor (Take off the cover before detecting the eardrum temperature) 4.Battery cover How to measure the forehead temperature With the probe cover attached, point the thermometer at the center of the forehead. Move the thermometer towards the forehead until the probe cover touches the skin. The probe cover acts as a distance guide and ensures that the measuring distance between the thermometer and the forehead is correct. Press and release the Head button. The temperature will be displayed on the screen instantly. How to measure the ear temperature Gently remove...

Digital Infrared Thermometer for Fever, Ear Thermometer with Fever Indicator and Memory Function
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Medical Thermometer for Fever, Forehead and Ear Thermometer with Fever Indicator and Memory Function, Best Digital Temporal Infrared Thermometer, Professional Clinically Accuracy for Adults, Kids, Babies, Infants Highly Accuracy A high-precision probe is adopted to accurately sense the temperature and read the temperature within 1s; Two independent chips are used to measure the temperature of forehead and ear, and different algorithms are used to achieve accurate temperature measurement; With the support of extensive clinical data and professional experts, the accuracy can be within ± 0.4℉. ℉/℃ Switch When the digital thermometer is off, press and hold Ear button for 6-9 seconds until ℃/℉ appears; Release Ear button, and the "---℃/℉" temperature until will start to blink; Press the Ear button again within 5 seconds to change "---℃/℉". Double Mode Forehead Mode: With the probe cover attached, point the thermometer an the center of the forehead(The closer the probe is to...

Metene Thermometer for Adults Forehead, Infrared Digital Thermometer for Fever
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Metene Medical Forehead and Ear Thermometer,Infrared Digital Thermometer Suitable For Baby, Infant, Toddler and Adults If you have a baby, you would know the importance of thermometer. this thermometer equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology for accuracy and reliability. Our mission is to give you some peace of mind when your baby come down a fever. You should not use this product for self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem. Unit Conversion From Fahrenheit to Celsius While the device is off,press and hold "Ear" for 8 to 12 seconds until the screen show---℉ Press ‘Ear’ Once more to change ---℃ After seconds, the thermometer will be shutdown, then you can use in Celsius Fever Alert When measuring temperature in either of the two modes,the thermometer will sound 7 short ticks and the LCD display will flicker if the reading results exceed 37.5℃/99.5℉ to indicate that the subject may...

Forehead Thermometer for Adults, The Non Contact Infrared Baby Thermometer for Fever, Body Thermometer and Surface Thermometer 2 in 1 Dual Mode Medical Thermometer
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More Functions of Forehead Thermometer HD LCD Screen Non Contact Measuring One Second Reading Body and Surface and Room Mode 50 Record Storage ℃/℉ Conversion Fever Alarm Voice On/Off ℃/℉ Conversion 1. Press and hold the "SET" button for 3 seconds. 2. When the ℃/℉ icon starts flashing, press MEMO or MODE Intelligent Fever Warning The thermometer will change color depend on readings. 95.5-99.1℉:Green 99.2-100.5℉:Orange 100.6-109.2℉: Red 3 Mode Measure Applications This forehead thermometer can test body temperature, kids' hot milk(ther scald can be avoided), food(undercooked food is unacceptable) and room(Pefect for travelling). HD Screen + One-button Mute When you don't want to wake your baby, the mute function makes everything quiet, the HD LCD screen makes you to read clearly, and one-click measurement is convenient and fast. The Non Contact Thermometer The non-contact thermometer takes only one second to measure body temperature and can be measured at a distance...

Metene Fingertip Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Alarming Beep
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LED Night Mode This pulse oximeter allows you to get your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate anywhere, anytime. The pulse oximeter fingertip is not intended for medical use. This item is suitable for use at home or on the go, and can accurately and reliably determine your SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation levels), pulse rate and pulse strength Beforee and after exercise activity. Power Supply: 2*1.5V AAAbatteries Operation Temperature: 5℃-40℃ Storage Temperature: -10℃-50℃ Pulse Accuracy: ±2bpm Display Format: LED display Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor Pulse Accuracy: ±2bpm. The normal range of oxygen saturation was SpO2 95%-99%. Insufficient oxygen supply: SpO2 90% - 95%; Mild hypoxemia: SpO 2 < 90%. Severe hypoxemia: SpO 2 < 85%. Accurate and Fast measurement The oximeter is built-in with a high-performance acceleration sensor for results showing in a few seconds. Automatically shut down The pulse oximeter will turn off automatically if there is no use...

Pulse Oximeter Fingertip, Oxygen Saturation, Finger Oximeter Finger with Pulse, O2 Monitor Finger for Oxygen
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Why do we need to measure blood oxygen level? A person's blood oxygen level is an indicator of how well the body distributes oxygen from the lungs to the cells. A normal blood oxygen level typically ranges from 95 to 100% SpO2. The lower the oxygen level can lead to problem in body tissue and organs. Measuring blood oxygen saturation with ANKOVO Pulse Oximeter helps to understand the physical condition in time. Operating Guide Insert the two batteries properly to the direction, and then replace the cover Open the clip and put finger into the rubber cushions of the clip, then clip the finger Press the switch button once on front panel Don't shake the finger and keep the user at ease during the process. Meanwhile, human body is not recommended in movement status Get the information directly from screen display Specification Parameters : SpO2, PR SpO2 Measuring Range: 0%-100%...

Oxygen Monitor Portable Digital Reading LED Display with 2 Batteries and Lanyard
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LPOW Fingertip Pulse Oximeter With Sound Reminder Function This Pulse Oximeter can be used to measure accurately human Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) and Pulse Rate(PR) through finger.And there have Sound reminder function when readings show. Suitable for exercise enthusiasts like mountain climbers,bikers,skiers, aviators, or anyone is interested in measuring their Blood Oxygen Saturation(SpO2) and Pulse Rate(PR).This device is for Sports & Aviation use only. SpO2 Range: 0% - 100% Pulse Rate Range: 30-250 bpm Relative Humidity:15%-93% non-condensing Air Pressure:70Kpa-106Kpa Operating Attitude:0-2000m Quick Overview of the Pulse Oximeter Based on all digital technology. Advanced DSP algorithm an minimize the influence of motion artifact and improve measurement accuracy of low perfusion. Weight: 52g (batteries included) Power Requirements: 2×AAA 1.5V alkaline battery Frequently Asked Questions Q: How can i turn the volume off if we dont like the beeping? A: The pulse oximeter can turn the volume off if you dont like the beeping,...

metene Sewing KIT, Premium Sewing Supplies, XL Spools of Thread, Most Useful Colors, Emergency Repairs, Travel, Kids, Beginners and Home
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Brand: metene      Listing date: May. 5, 2019 1. SEW SIMPLY TO CHOOSE, #1 best choice High quality DIY travel sewing kits for adults, sewing kits for girls a must have, premium sewing supplies in XL Zippered durable PU leather Case, XL Spools of Thread, Great gift for kids and adults, summer camp home and travel 2. SEW SIMPLY TO COUNT ON - We have made sure to include all the essentials you could ever need, From our larger High Quality Needles, metal thimble, Stainless Steel Scissors, Wonder clips, 18 Extra long quality sewing pins and much more, Everything Neatly Packaged Ready to Go, THE PERFECT GIFT, comes in an elegant gift box 3. SEW SIMPLY TO USE - There is no need in a sewing machine, The Best Sewing Kit That Is Always Available When You Need With Over 100 pcs, It Easy to access for those quick, on the...

metene Original Medicated Soap Oatmeal Formula Deep Cleansing Bar Soap
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Brand: metene Listing Date: 2020.04.16 1. Premium quality all natural zinc soap with 2% ZnP provides antifungal and antibacterial benefits ***Package may vary as we transition to our new look. 2. An Excellent cleansing bar for everyday use and all skin types. Low comedogenic properties are helpful for acne prone skin 3. Relieves itching, redness, flaking, and irritation while removing oil, dirt, and debris 4. Formulated with antioxidant-rich olive oil, moisturizing and penetrating emu oil, and gently calming and exfoliating milled oats 5. Handmade with only the finest ingredients. We make no compromises for your skin!

Metene TD-4116 Blood Sugar Test Kit with Lancing Device and Control Solution, No Coding
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Blood Glucose Monitor Kit with Test Strips and Lancets metene TD-4116 Blood Sugar Test Kit metene TD-4116 blood glucose monitoring system provides the elderly, the pregnant, diabetics, obese and other group of people best care to prevent the occurrence and development of Diabetes. 4 Testing Modes for Choosing: QC - control solution test AC - before meal PC - after meal Gen - any time of day No Coding 0.7μl Blood Sample 7 Second to Read 450 Data Storage 14/21/28/60/90 Day Averages 4 Reminder Alarms Easy to Use Easy to Carry This Diabetic Testing Kit Includes 207 Pieces: 1 blood glucose meter 1 lancing device 100 sterile lancets 100 glucometer strips 2 AAA alkaline batteries 1 control solution 1 user manual 1 protective wallet Normal Plasma Glucose Range for People without Diabetes: (Source: American Diabetes Association) Fasting and before meals: less than 100 mg/ml (5.6 mmol/L) 2 hours after a...

Metene TD-4116 Blood Glucose Test Strips for Diabetes, 100 Count, Blood Glucose Monitor Only
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metene TD-4116 Blood Glucose Test Strips These strips are compatible with metene TD-4116 blood glucose monitor only. The meter and strips are equipped with industry-leading biosensor and technologies, help you to track and manage your blood sugar level better with just a few steps. Quantity: 100 count. Expiration: 6 months after first opening. Measurement range: 20~600 mg/dL (1.1~33.3 mmol/L) No Coding, Easy to Use Just insert the contact bar of the strip into the meter correctly when the meter is off, no coding, easy to use for the senior. Small 0.7µL Blood Sample Only 0.7µl blood sample required, minimally wound and reduce pain. Adopt automatic siphon to quickly absorb blood sample, keep the blood away from wasted. Fast 7 Second reading Get a measurement in just 7 second after applying the blood sample. Fast. Warm Tips to Get an Accurate Testing Result: Store these strips in a cool and dry...

Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm BP Cuff Machine, Accurate Automatic High Blood Pressure Machine Kit
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Please read the user manual carefully before first using ·Avoid eating and smoking as well as forms of exertion directly before measurement. Theses factors influence the measurement result. Find time to relax by sitting in an quiet atmosphere for about ten minutes before talking a measurement ·Remove any garment that fits closely to your upper arm ·Always measure on the same (normally left) ·Always compare measurement taken at the same time of day, since blood pressure changes during the course of the day, as much as 20-40 mmHg. Features: Easy to use: You only need to put on the cuff, click the start button, and the blood pressure monitor will automatically start to broadcast and measure, which is very simple and easy to use Dual power supply: The blood pressure machine supports two power modes, you can use 4 AA batteries or USB charging supply to provide power support. (AC...