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Ckeep Kinesiology Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Athletic Tape, 2 Rolls, 40 Strips

Model: CT-01


Kinesiology tape : Exercise protection: improve blood circulation, recovery and performance. Stimulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery to muscles. Reduce injuries, swelling and fatigue. Helps reduce damage and swelling-muscle pain, lactic acid production and other muscle-related problems. A variety of uses: Pregnancy-Walking-Jogging-Running-Yoga-Pilates-Football-Football-Basketball-Baseball-Ice hockey-Hockey-Lacrosse-Cycling-Triathlon-Hiking-Skiing-Outdoor sports-Nursing-Medical -Doctor-Hospitality-Construction-Retail-Tourism. How do I know if it is worth trying? We collected most of the problems of kinesiology tape on the market, listened to a lot of suggestions from physical therapists, chiropractors and sports coaches, and designed and improved our new ckeep tape. It optimizes the problem of too tight or too loose bonding, and improves the problems of anti-sweat, anti-shedding, anti-allergic, and leaving marks. Guaranteed value for money. Even if you still don’t like it after receiving it, we promise a 100% refund. Why does it not harm your skin? Most athletic tapes cannot control adhesion well, so that the strong adhesive force tears your skin tissue cells when you tear it off. Our ckeep tape handles this very well. Its peel strength N/25mm ≤0.05. Similar to the "standard band-aid" adhesions sense. Therefore, it is valid for 1 to 3 days. Product validity period: 2 years; Storage conditions: The product should be stored in a room with a temperature of 0℃ -40 ℃, a humidity of 35% -75%, good ventilation, dry, clean, and avoid direct sunlight.

  • ATHLETIC TAPE ASSISTANT: No longer afraid of sports injuries. Our ckeep tape is a product aimed at muscle training support, sports protection, and muscle pain relief. It can effectively relieve and protect muscle pain caused by non-wound effects in various situations and various parts.
  • 5M LONG KINESIOLOGY TAPE PRECUT: Our muscle tape is designed as a precut tape that is convenient and quick to use. Our ckeep tape cuts 16.4 feet into 20 segments, each 10 inches. so application is QUICKER and EASIER than all previous k tapes
  • SPORTS TAPE WIHT ADVANCED EFFECTS: Physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners all over the world have tried the kinesiology tape. They all gave high ratings. As a sports aid, our ckeep tape can help you in many scenarios. If you continue to use it for several days, you will fall in love with it.
  • CONTAINS THE ADVANTAGES OF CLIMBING TAPES: It is no longer difficult to remove! No longer sweat and fall off in contact with water! No longer worry about irritating the skin! The Ckeep tape collected the problems of other tapes and improved them. Professional acrylic glue and cotton spandex waterproof stretch fabric provides better waterproof and sweatproof, adhesion control, breathability and skin protection.
  • A MORE THOUGHTFUL GIFT: We spend more money on fitness equipment and household appliances in pursuit of high quality, but sometimes we ignore our physical condition. As a more experienced person, I send a few rolls of kinesiology tape to classmates and friends who are new to fitness, and to parents who are tired from doing housework. Sometimes it may be more suitable than more expensive gifts


CT-01 User Manual


Ckeep Kinesiology Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Athletic Tape, 2 Rolls, 40 Strips

Ckeep Kinesiology Tape Original Cotton Elastic Kinesiology Therapeutic Athletic Tape, 2 Rolls, 40 Strips